In addition, the Wesolowski scheme assumes that there are certain groups that can meet a requirement called adaptive root assumption, which has not been studied in depth in the mathematical literature. There are still other unresolved problems in this area, including the construction of quantum-resistant VDFs, and the possibility of ASICs undermining the security of VDF structures in practice. As for the adoption of VDF in the industry, some companies in the blockchain field are trying to use VDF in consensus algorithms. For example, Chia uses the repeated squaring technique mentioned above. It seems that the Ethereum Foundation is also developing a pseudo-random number generator to combine RANDAO with VDF. Although these two projects will be very beneficial to the blockchain community, research in this area is still in the early stages. [The copyright of the article belongs to the original author, and its content and opinions do not represent the position of UnitimeWhat happened to Bitcoins. The compiled article is only for dissemination of more valuable information] (Note: This article is translated from the author's article. The content of the main text involves some digital superscripts and subscripts. For ease of understanding, please refer to the original text. The English text link is for copyright information.

The first is to introduce a gateway. The gateway is the import and export of funds in and out of the Ripple system, and is also an important node of the Ripple system platform. People can inject or withdraw various currencies (whether they are legal currencies in various countries or virtual currencies such as Bitcoin) into or out of the Ripple system through the gateway. Gateways include financial institutions such as banks that have joined up.

In January 2019, an investor sued Hogeg and Stox, seeking damages of US$4.6 million, alleging that the defendant misappropriated the company’s cryptocurrency, valued at millions of US dollars. According to the lawsuit, in the initial coin offering (ICO) held in August 2017, only 5 million U.S. dollars out of 33 million was actually used to develop Stox products.

Coinmarketcap, the site received a lot of criticism for displaying Bitconnect advertisements. In contrast, Coincodex notified investors to stay away from the project. Its CEO MarkoStokelj previously told

As for Bitcoin lovers, their bullish beliefs mainly come from the so-called scarcity. In their eyes, it seems that as long as the quantity is scarce, it can support the rising price of Bitcoin. In fact, they do not know how much Bitcoin should be worth. Because Bitcoin does not represent any asset and cannot be valued, the price is completely determined by the emotions of the participants!

Legal documents: SiliconWhat happened to Bitcoin Valley law firm Fenwick&West shared the early financing legal documents applicable to startups on GitHub and turned them into a crowdsourcing document. Everyone can help improve this document; (https://t/zYEItGp )

When asked if he plans to retreat to the second line in the future, Buterin replied that this is in progress, but did not give a time frame. Buterin confirmed that it is already in progress; looking at the previous, most of the research work is now done by (DannyRyan), (JustinDrake), (Hsiao-WeiWang) and others.

For cryptocurrency, this may be a very reasonable application scenario. Because cryptocurrency is borderless, people from any country around the world can use it. In addition, once XRP (or any other cryptocurrency) is accepted by the Olympics, it will become an important milestone in the widespread popularity of cryptocurrencies.

The Ledger wallet team also responded. Ledger said that the WalletFail team demonstrated three attack vectors, giving the audience the impression that these vulnerabilities are serious. However, this is not the case, and users do not have to worry about the safety of their funds with Ledger.