In the short term, even with some acknowledged negative news and regulatory uncertainties, the issuance of tether can ease the pain points of the market quantitatively and make the market operate further. A commentator pointed out that Tethers did not really rely on US dollars as financial support, but on Bitfinex's own confidence. Similarly, the US dollar is not backed by hard assets, but it relies on people's confidence in the US economy. If the U.S. government shuts down its money prThe dangers of Bitcoin mininginting department and no longer issues currency, what will happen?

So far, USDT has been widely used in digital currency transactions and has become one of the largest trading pairs. The problem is that whether Tether's bank account really has so many dollars has been questioned by the market. The audit report of the accounting firm FriedmanLLP in September 2017 stated that the bank accounts of Tether-related companies totaled US$4.3 billion at that time, which roughly coincided with the total amount of USDT circulating in the market at that time.

Through the acquisition of three companies, Coinbase obtained the alternative trading system (ATS, Alternative Trading System) qualification; obtained the US Securities Regulatory Commission registered investment consultant qualification; obtained the approval of the Coinbase Securities Token Business Development Plan by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Agency.

RogerVer said in an interview with CNBC that he believes that BitcoinCash (BCH) is a better investment method than Bitcoin. Bitcoin's disadvantages are higher fees and slower transaction speeds. However, in fact he still holds Bitcoin.

Daniel: I think BTC has embraced DeFi very quickly, but DeFi is iterating faster. Regarding protocol layer security, I think DeFi has demonstrated Internet-level iteration and error correction capabilities this year. As a human-machine hybrid learning system, DeFi is ruthlessly and quickly swallowing existing financial experience and starting to innovate. While paying the price, the whole system has more than ten times the gain. Compared with the traditional financial risk control system, DeFi will soon surpass. Overall, I expect DeFi will become a safer choice within 2 years at the latest.

Bitcoin may be the purest example of speculative acceptance that mankind has seen so far. It is rapidly following the typical technological acceptance curve. The S curve is composed of technologically mature curves, which are repeated in a fractal manner. Each fractal repeat is about an order of magnitude larger than the previous one. Since reaching dollar parity, although the dollar’s ​​gains have increased exponentially, the gains of each bubble against the previous one have been The dangers of Bitcoin miningdeclining. There may be 2-3 hype cycles before Bitcoin approaches universal acceptance.

In February 2015, Thaddeus Dryja and Joseph Poon submitted a white paper entitled "Bitcoin Lightning Network: Scalable Off-chain Instant Payments", which is also called the Lightning Network White Paper, which laid the theoretical foundation for the Lightning Network .

Judging by the presentation of market value, Ethereum has always been behind Bitcoin, and even fell to the third place in market value at a certain node. As a public chain, Ethereum is currently the most well-deserved public chain with the most complete functions and the most potential. On the one hand, value is a "millennium supporting role" that is far away from the first public chain. On the other hand, it is difficult for the first public chain to produce actual utility. In an embarrassing situation, the price of ETH that has dropped repeatedly is the most direct way to express its value. prove.