MolochDAO promotes the construction of the ETH ecosystem and helps ETH build an "ideal country". AmongEvery Bitcoin transaction the donors of MolochDAO, ETH's startup ConsenSys is particularly prominent. ConsenSys focuses on building the ETH network. So far, it has incubated more than 50 blockchain projects and established good partnerships with the government and the media. The head of the foundation, Aya Miyaguchi, recently stated that the foundation intends to invest about $30 million in projects that promote the iterative development of the entire ETH ecosystem (such as MolochDAO) in the next 12 months to improve the performance and security of the ETH system. MolochDAO belongs to "Mesh" in the entire ETH system and provides financial support for projects in the ETH ecosystem.

I am not surprised by the recent correlation between the S&P 500 and Bitcoin. What I am concerned about is that the mathematical correlation between the two has declined since the rise in mid-March. NicCarter said that in order to seize liquidity, investors will exchange short-term assets in their hands for long-term assets to call for margin or mortgage payments. Bitcoin is often the liquid asset with the least impact and is not affected by preferential tax policies. Therefore, for many investors under pressure, Bitcoin will indeed be used first.

When a new blockchain network is launched, it is always disturbing to face multiple blows. EOS encountered some problems before it went online, and it was not entirely related to its own technology. First, hackers took control of's Zendesk (customer service software) account and began to send a large number of phishing emails to confuse users. Although this problem was finally resolved smoothly, the process attracted a lot of criticism.

In this regard, Hong Shuning emphasized: "The worst result of the additional issuance of Bitcoin is that all currency prices quickly return to zero. Blockchain has become a historical legend. Confidence coin gold is important. If this industry can survive, it will take a long time. Slowly restore public confidence, maybe decades."

When we consider where the next breakthrough point of Bitcoin will be, my opinion is that the next big breakthrough of Bitcoin will have at least several possible directions. One is to rise to the height of gold and become a strategic reserve; the other is At the height of oil, it has become the new favorite of Wall Street funds; third, it has become a payment tool, and has become a boon for the poor (such as Africa) who cannot use bank services.

Bakkt trading platform will use one-day futures (one-dayfutures) to trade Bitcoin. The settlement time of this contract will be the same as the current cash market transaction, which is one day. The broker-dealer will click on the published price at any time during the trading day on behalf of the fund manager client. When the market closes, ICE Clearing House will arrange to transfer the cash from the buyer’s acEvery Bitcoin transactioncount to the seller’s bank account, and the bitcoin will be transferred to Bakkt Digital warehouse.

Essentially, miners will reduce the amount of BTC invested in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Some analysts believe that this will cause a shortage of BTC and push up prices. Once Bitcoin halves next month, we expect the price to rise, driving the rest of the market, said Richard Rosenblum, head of trading at GSR.