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According to BitcoinTreasuries data, a total of 16 listed companies have bought BTC, with a total investment of 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, and currently hold 530,000 Bitcoins. The current overall capital has floated 70.84% ​​(data on December 17).JPMorgan…

Bitcoin wallet without a bank account

Joel Monegrosucinctly of Placeholder outlined the main stakeholders of the decentralized network in his article "Cryptographic Economy Circle": "The model describes the relationship between miners (supply side), users (demand side) and inve

Convert Bitcoin to cash

On December 8, Beijing time, Ethereum Istanbul successfully upgraded at block height 06000. Istanbul contains 6 different upgrades, the purpose is to improve performance, adjust the cost of opcode, make the interoperability of Ethereum and Zcash possible,

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For traditional institutions, compliance is one of the most important factors in deciding whether to allocate encrypted assets. But before that, investors have been eagerly waiting for the adoption of the Bitcoin ETF because it is a compliant channel for

Bitcoin wallet without ID

But these are all in vain because of the bear market. He reminded that extra funds are particularly important in a bear market. In the next few weeks, most scams will begin to collapse. The market will also truly show its edge. But at the same time, this

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