The person in charge of the ICST project told Odaily Planet Daily that in August, they discovered that the digital assets valued at 3.5 million U.S. dollars in the Bitgo wallet had been transferred. The money was originally used for overseas promotion Hardware Bitcoin walletand kept by JiGuo. The ICST team sent a request to Bitgo for help, and it was traced through Bitgo that it was JiGuo who provided false materials to Bitgo and transferred the assets.

But thanks to the Internet, they are actually in the same room. It does not matter how far apart they are; what matters is that they are all part of the same idea, connected through a computer network. They can partly choose not to use their own currency (based on their geographical distance from neighboring countries), or partly choose to enter this new world (based on the ideological proximity of like-minded people).

The basic principles of Bitcoin are not complicated. As stated by the experts, from the technical principle, it is an innovative application of P2P network + cryptography; from the game principle, it creates competition and encourages users to invest in the best resources to participate; from the market In principle, it uses the invisible hand to adjust the market. But the core key is that it is a judgment based on value recognition that gives people a broad imagination about Bitcoin. Furthermore, there is the greatest possibility of consensus.

Third, it is difficult for smart contracts to deal with incomplete contracts (incomplete contracts). Humans are boundedly rational, it is impossible to foresee all possible situations in the future, and even if they foresee, they cannot be written into the contract, so the contract is destined to be incomplete. This is the reason why there are exceptions to legal contracts in reality and the need for judicial arbitration when disputes occur. As a computer protocol, smart contracts are difficult to deal with incomplete contracts.

But what is puzzling is that among the Republicans interviewed, Charlie Lee ranked second, but the Democrats did not choose him at all. Similarly, although Vitalik Buterin ranks second in influence among Democrats, it is not ranked among Republican users.

From 2003 to 2006, the real estate market was in a typical speculative bubble, because housing loans were easy to obtain, so more people bought houses. As people began to view housing as a low-risk investment, the inHardware Bitcoin walletcreased demand for housing led to rising housing prices, which created greater demand.

The wallet application born in 17 can be compared to the Netscape browser born in 1993. It is the browser that opened the door to the information interaction of the information Internet. The core value of the blockchain is distributed data, and because of this, the form of digital currency is needed to carry this value, and the carrier of currency is precisely the wallet.